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Oil and gas refinery plant or petrochemi

Preheating ● Post Weld Heat Treating ● Stress Relieving ● Pipe Alignment ● Temperature Monitoring
Line Thaws ● High Voltage Heat Treating ● Refractory Dry-Out ● Paint Curing ● Brinell Hardness Testing
● Furnace Heat Treating ● Annealing ● Tempering ● Bake-Outs / DHT ● Induction ● Normalizing

About us

Being the best is the result of hard work. That’s the spirit that has made America the greatest nation in the world and it’s the same spirit that has made HTS AmeriTek a leader in safe, quality, on-site heat treating services since 1985.

This means living up to our tradition of performance; being there when needed and meeting commitments dependably, safely, consistently and professionally.

Eighteen wheeler coming head-on out of d

" HTS AmeriTek has provided exemplary service "

Marathon Petroleum Company

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